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Nature, isnt she wonderful !


Now many people would say Im a little crazy, but some times little bits in nature really set my heart beat going a little faster. Not too fast as you have to be careful as the years move on ! But, if you look at this amzing picture I took in a garden this week, i think you'll have to agree, it blooming marvellous !

 Looking at all the patterns created by the seeds, is enough to send your head spiralling. You can see many different varying spirals within the placement of the seeds.Nature has a unique mathematical system that works exceptionally well, and this is what designers,architects, mathematicians, physicists and on and on, use or apply to certain formulas. Now im a florist, a designer, and by using a simplified broken down system, allows me to make sure designs are in proportion,  so therefore they are asthetically pleasing and harmonious.

The Fibonacci ratio simplified, is by adding the two number together next to each other to create the next number..... if we start at 1 then plus 1 it equals 2, next step, 1+2=3, then 2+3=5, then the next numbers 3+5=8 so basically we can say 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 and so on,are in a  sequence ,looking at this in nature will make a little more sense  SEE BELOW (the picture is credited to the website below)


Im going to add another image and then leave you to pause for thought, if it is something you  think you'll never think about again, I bet your bottom dollar next time you look at a pineapple, a pine cone, or indeed a sunflower seed head, you will think, wow look at that spiral..










September, succulents and stripes !

When weddings are a Little fun !

Just Gorgeous

Why am I writing in green! Because the wonderful September wedding we've completed, was a very simple wedding, but the brief said.... "USE SUCCULENTS". and thats exactly what we did.(on several of the succulents we left the roots, so that the marriage will continue to grow long after the day is over)

We added some gorgeous Craspedia balls, to add form and texture, and the bride loves them, with a little bit of heaven scent lavender and freesia and the oh so humble Orchid, and hey presto, a cheeky little bouquet....( Not to mention a frill of Eleagnus leaves to embrace the design)

Bridemaids Bags

The bridesmaids had a rather sophisticated contemporary design, leaving them 'clutching their bags' The bride and Groom had made One Thousand tiny kranes, if you follow the link below it will tell you the story behind this, which I think is rather beautiful.(You may need to copy and paste the link)


We love these little teasers, great fun and always a hit with brides looking for a little more  X





Garden blues

Don't be down, turn that frown upside down!

Well you can't fight it.... you can try, but you just have to go with it. The nights are definitely getting shorter, so that time you have to potter after work, or after a day doing your horrid chores, the time has gotten shorter. But there is still loads to do, I'm not a garden expert, but I know there is dead heading and weeding and last grass cuttings and taking back the plants that are good to chop back..    The Royal Horticultural Society website a must for amateur gardeners, but this isnt what im trying to tell you, not at all.

Bring in a big old jug of foliage from the garden, or a friends garden, pop in few choice flowers and bring outside in. Use unusal containers and place around the place, to remind us of the great outdoors.( Make sure all leaves are removed below the water) The foliage if strong will last a long time, so as the flowers die off, remove the offending stems, take out the foliage, wash the stems as they will become slimy and smelly, rinse and possibly bleach the container ( or use lemon and a scrubbing brush if you want to be more enviromentally friendly) recut the stems at a slant and wait patiently for the arrival of the next flowers to be put in. Job Done.

Dont get down, embrace the wonderful colours of Autumn. I actually like the word our neighbours over the pond use, FALL, i just love watching the leaves all falling with exotic colours, fire and flames... Be brave but be safe, still go walking in Autumn and foraging for unusual shapes... I will be looking for inspiration and updating you !


I found this Picture which is a collage Designed By Carola Becker, who took photos of Autumn Leaves.. its delicious 





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