OMG... I'm getting married..... !!!

How incredibly exciting, so much to think about and to decide on. When?, where?, how?, who's coming?. What do I need to do?, who to tell?, the list is endless. With the Internet as it is today, we have most ideas at our finger tips, and lots of people advising and giving us ideas, but that also can be a minefield, and sometimes we just want to speak to someone who can give us good old fashioned, genuine face to face help.

At La Petite Belle, this is how we KNOW we can help you and guide you. We have over 30 years experience, from the bottom up, we have been blessed to have taken part in international schools and be trained by top world recognised designers, but what we haven't forgotten is our roots.

Our aim is to guide you along your chosen path to a destination of your dream wedding flowers. We will use your ideas and our expertise and experience to achieve the perfect balance. What we do best, is reflect your personalities, along with the style of venue and create an ambience that is becoming to you.

An Orchid Brooch for someone a little extra special

A little funky design to pin on your bag or hat, fancy that !

A traditional Shower Bouquet, Peach Melba

Outside in. A gorgeous bowl exploding with joy

From a few buttonholes and a hand tied bouquet, to flower trees and bespoke hand created trailing flower bouquets and garlands, and twinkles and magic... We haven't decided to cater for one type of client,we joyfully cater design for all, as we just want to create wedding Magic,because that's what we do brilliantly.

Like all imaginable parts of your wedding day, it is for one day only, so whether it's the venue, the cake, the dress and of course the Flowers.... That one day it what it's all for, saying, I love you and cherish you and want to spend my life with you... So for you and us, we know it has to be right.

A circlet of flowers, for a wedding, a party, or just because !

A rather dashing Buttonhole with a natural reflection

A sophisticated couture design for a touch of elegance

Distinguishing the Aisle with petals and chair adornments to embrace the moment

We are happy to come to your home and discuss all details with you. In your own home you feel more relaxed and have bits of the day to hand, and also you can invite bridesmaids and mums, and uncles and who ever to have a chat with us, though it's usually more productive, you, me, mums and a cup of tea, alternatively you can arrange a visit to our workroom in Burridge, where we can make the tea and a biscuit or two X

Below are a few questions we will ask you, fetch a pen or pencil !

  • Date of the wedding
  • How many bridesmaids
  • Your dress (colour/style/ fabric)
  • The maids dresses ( colour /style/fabric )
  • Do you want headdresses?
  • Groom and his merry men
  • Are you wanting church flowers and need us to liaise with the flower ladies at the church?
  • Where is the reception?